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Autumn in Anin

October 2018, Anin, Warsaw, Poland

October 2018, Anin, Warsaw, Poland

The Institute of Cardiology is the main Polish clinical center of cardiology and cardiosurgery with the highest reference score and ISO 9001:2000 (Quality Management System) certificate. Being a dynamically developing academic and research center, it plays an important role in postgraduate training and education in cardiology.

During the 35 years of its existence as a research centre, the Institute has contributed to the development of Polish cardiology and cardiosurgery by initiating and propagating numerous new methods of treatment and also by educating and training specialists in cardiology.
Of particular importance is the role played by the Institute as the country pioneer in introducing and propagating new methods of cardiac diagnosis and treatment. All main innovative interventional methods of non-surgical cardiac therapy now used in Poland have been introduced by the Institute of Cardiology specialists. The Institute has a long record of clinical trials conducted by this institution.

The Institute of Cardiology is the dominating cardiology center in the region providing 24 hour/7 days a week readiness to treat emergency patients in the region who need either cardiac or cardio surgical interventions. The yearly activity of the Institute looks as follows:

– over 15900 patients hospitalized,
– over 2100 surgeries,
– over 62300 out-patients,
– over 7200 procedures performed by the hemodynamic lab,
– over 29200 imaging examinations done by the Radiology Department,
– over 2200 procedures performed by the Clinical Electrophysiology Lab.

Diagnostic facilities of the Institute offer a wide spectrum of examinations:

1. Full set of biochemical analysis, also peptide hormones assays. Modern methods of drug serum consternation analysis with chromatography tests HPLC and immunochemical assays EMIT, MEIA, FPIA.
2. Modern devices for medical imaging with 384-multislice CT-scanner, Magnetic Resonance (MRI), Nuclear Medicine Imaging and ultrasound diagnostics devices.
3. All contemporary ECG analysis methods including intracardiac electrophysiological examinations, stress tests or tilt

In the Institute of Cardiology there are two intensive care units fully equipped to perform immediate resuscitation as well as extracorporeal life support. There are also interdisciplinary units like Department of Medical Biology or Department of Cardio-Oncology co-founded with the Institute of Oncology.

Institute of Cardiology is a pioneer institution on the field of Telemedicine, actively using and contributing to further development of the remote patients control in the home conditions.