Extreme HDR and more …

Last weekend cycling, Thames riverbanks.

Sunday’s cycling

From Isle of Dogs through Canary Wharf, next to Regent’s Canal to Camden Town, through Camden Market, next to The ZOO and Regent’s Park to Baker Street, Oxford Street, Oxford Circus, Regent Street, Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square, Covent Garden, Waterloo Bridge, Tate Modern, The City Hall, Tower Bridge, St Katherine Docks, one cider at The Captain Kidd pub, Narrow Street back to Canary Wharf and Isle of Dogs. Slow 43km and very nice Sunday.

PC Upgrade

Memory upgraded from 4GB to just 8GB, (motherboard limit), Windows from Vista 32-bit to Win7-64bit, and, last but not least, OS and programs disk from 1TB HDD to 1TB SSD plus 8TB on external HDDs.

Lightroom is alive, AGAIN!!!!!!

… how it was 18 years ago …..

Po zwiększeniu pamięci z 4GB do tylko 8GB (limit płyty głównej), Windows Vista-32bity do Windows7-64bity i przede wszystkim zmianie dysku z 1TB HDD (mechanicznego) na 1 TB SSD (stały).

Lightroom odżył!!!!! Dodatkowo 8TB na dyskach zewnętrznych.

…. a tak było 18 lat temu …..