The Eye of Docklands

Located on top of Barad-dûr, the “Dark Tower” in northwest Mordor near Mount Doom, the Eye of Sauron keeps watch over Middle-earth from its highest tower. Barad-dûr is an enormous fortress of the Dark Lord Sauron, whence he rules the volcanic and barren land of Mordor

Sunny Sunday in Knole

River Thames estuary

Spring at Mudchute Park and Farm

Viking Sun leaving Greenwich

Viking Sun – the latest addition to Viking Cruises.

May 2018, River Thames, London, UK

May 2018, River Thames, London, UK

May 2018, River Thames, London, UK

May 2018, River Thames, London, UK

London Marathon 2018

1st Eliud Kipchoge     Kenya      02:04:17
2nd Tola Shura Kitata  Ethiopia   02:04:49
3rd Mo Farah           UK         02:06:21

Gizycko, Lake Niegocin
Mazury Airshow 2017

Regisgtration Plane type   Regisgtration Plane type
SP-KBA AN-2   SP_SATP Pioneer 300 STD
SP-LOT RWD-5R   SP-SEWA Pioneer 300 STD
SP-ICY Aero AT-3   SP-XESA ZEN1 Gyrocopter
SP-AMI Aero AT-3-R100   G-IIHI Extra 330SC
AP-AAT Aero AT-3 VLA   LY-AKU Yak-50
SP-YYY Yak-18T   LY-ANP Yak-50
SP-YBD TS-8 Bies   LY-AHR Yak-50
SE-CFP DC-3 “Daisy”   SP-SVLE VL3
D-EZUW Extra 300S   SP-SHOO Virus SW
SP-GRY EC 120B Colibri   SP-AYA 300 CBi
PH-RCG Pioneer 400   77 MiG-29A Fulcrum

Port Wieczorek, Lake Niegocin

Lake Niegocin is a lake in the Masurian Lake District of Poland’s Warmia-Mazury Province. It is the seventh largest lake in Poland, with an area of 26.04 square kilometres (10.05 sq mi). Maximum depth is 39.7 metres (130 ft); average is 9.9 metres (32 ft).[1]

Sunny Day in Knole Park