On the track

Lena’s first ever catch

About 12 cm of THE RUDD.
The rudd is a small fish, often reaching no more than about 35cm, maximum length is 45-50cm. The body has a bluish silvery colour and becomes white at the belly. The fins are red. Young specimens have a slender build; older specimens acquire a higher and broader body shape. The rudd can often be recognized by the big red spot in the iris above and beside the pupil. Colours of the eye and fins can be very pale, however, in some environments.

Lenka & Leoś

August 2015, Borki, Warszawa, Poland

August 2015, Borki, Warszawa, Poland

Back from school


…, 8, 9, 10, …

October 2014, Lisbon, Portugal

October 2014, Lisbon, Portugal

Paparazzi!!! Noooo!!! :)

😀 “Celebrities” on Millennium Drive. 😀

Lena’s laser tunnel ;)