Brighton again

Birling Gap White Cliffs

Birling Gap is a coastal hamlet within the parish. It is situated on the Seven Sisters not far from Beachy Head and is owned by the National Trust. Coastal erosion has already removed some of the row of coastguard cottages built in 1878, and those that remain are still inhabited.[7] There is a cafe, shop and visitor centre there, run by The National Trust, and a large metal staircase leading down to the enclosed pebble beach and the Seven Sisters chalk cliffs. It is likely that soon it will no longer exist because the amount of erosion is so large that all the houses will have to be demolished before they fall into the sea, and because the houses are not worth enough, the Government will not place a sea defence in the way. If walkers are cut off at high tide, they can climb the ladder, which is replaced often, to Birling Gap.

The beach, which was awarded the Blue flag rural beach award in 2005, is advertised by Naturist UK. It has a large number of rockpools.

Noted artist Jean Cooke lived in two cottages at Birling Gap. She painted the seascape there and died in 2008 while looking at the sea.

Sunday Trip – Camber Sands & Ashdown Forest

Birling Gap – Beachy Head

Punta Cana

Camber Sands Tide

Camber Sands beach.
At high tide – 5m to the sea.
At low tide – 1.2km to the sea. Nice, long walk 🙂
Plaża w Camber Sands.
W trakcie maksymalnego przypływu mieliśmy 5m do morza, przy najniższym poziomie morza do wody był niezły, 1.2km spacerek 🙂

Camber Sands II

Next very hot weekend

Next very hot weekend. Temperature more than 30°C.
Saturday at home (COB re-test) but Sunday was fantastic. The seaside, lot if sand, dunes, sun and sea (OK, not exactly open sea, it was English Channel)
Kolejny bardzo gorący weekend za nami. Temperatura powyżej 30°C. Sobota w domy (z powodu re-testu COB). Natomiast niedziela nad morzem (dokładnie nad kanałem La Manche). Piasek, wydmy, słońce i morze. Fajnie było.